Rent to Own: Homeowner for Sure!

Join Improov Homes’ rent to own program, Homeowner for Sure, and put yourself on a sure path to homeownership!

What is it?

Homeowner for Sure is a rent to buy program developed for individuals who are eager to become homeowners, but are not yet financially ready to move forward with a purchase. Improov Homes allows you to rent a home while your finances are brought to order, whether it’s managing your budget, repairing your credit, or saving for a down payment. Once you’re well-prepared to become a homeowner, we will guide you through the home-buying process.

The Homeowner for Sure program takes a minimum of six months and continues for the amount of time you need to get ready for homeownership. The program progresses at your own pace, so there is no rush to move on to the next step before you’re ready.

Credit Repair

Good credit is one of the first steps toward homeownership. Through the Homeowner for Sure program, low credit will no longer be an obstacle to buying a home. If your credit needs improvement, you may participate in a credit repair program. In just three to six months, your credit will be repaired—guaranteed!

Down Payment

To begin saving for a down payment, you will work with our financial coach, who will provide you with a free financial analysis and create a detailed budget customized for your personal finances. Our financial coach will guide you in determining how much of your income will be set aside for your down payment every month.

To make saving easier, your down payment will be held in a trust until the day you are ready to close. Note that the down payment is your money. If at any point you wish to withdraw the funds from the trust, it will be immediately released to you.

The Homeowner for Sure Advantage

On your closing day, Improov Homes will provide you with a credit amounting to 10% of your down payment. The money is yours to save or to use as you please!

Homeowner for Sure in 6 Simple Steps:


Pinpoint your needs in a new home


Identify your mortgage qualifications


Join our credit repair program


Meet with our financial coach to create a budget


Set up a down payment trust account with us


Purchase a new home and make it yours!

Our agents will remain by your side throughout the entire process to ensure that your experience in becoming a homeowner is a joyful one!

Join the homeowner for sure program. All you need to join the Homeowner for Sure program is your personal desire and motivation to become a homeowner! To begin today, call Improov Homes at 973-743-9333