Improov Seminars

As part of our mission to educate our homebuyers and to promote homeownership, Improov Homes has developed a series of seminars designed to deliver comprehensive information to anyone looking to become a homeowner.

We offer free education through our free weekly seminars about credit, healthy financial habits, and understanding real estate from the perspective of an investor. We believe that the knowledge you gain through our seminars will empower you and give you the tools needed to succeed in homeownership.

First Time Homebuyer Seminar

Please join us for an informative evening, as we discuss topics including:

  • What do I need to buy a house?
  • How do I qualify for a 1st Time Home Owner Grant?
  • What is GOOD CREDIT and how do I get it?

These questions answered and more!

Credit 101

Comprehensive credit information presentation, including the following:

  • Credit Scoring Myths
  • Basic Credit Management
  • Credit Repair Truths
  • What is my credit score?
  • What is GOOD CREDIT and how do I get it?
  • How do I fix bad credit?

Healthy Financial Habits


Learn how to earn more income and become properly protected, debt free and financially independent

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding how money works
  • The importance of savings
  • Easy ways to eliminate debt
  • Building Financial Securities for retirement
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Improov Homeowner School


Everything you need to know about homeownership!


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